20+ psychology tricks to read anyone like a book

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20+ psychology tricks to read anyone like a book

The study of human nature is vast. BrightSide presents us a video with 20+ Psychological facts that help us clearly understand what the person in front us or close to us might be thinking or feeling. The video tells that people are mostly distinguished by hand gestures, footwork and expressions. What you do and the way you move tells others about the things that might be going on in your mind; furthermore, it's a fact that body language is a universal language that everyone understands regardless of their mother tongue. Including that, the knowledge of all of this makes a person better at socialising, attracting someone and making better conversations.

Let's explore some of the ways a person's actions tell us about them:

These neat tricks and many more related to fixing posture and types of hands shakes are included in this video. It's great to find these out to know and understand people better.

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